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The Helping Hand Debt Counsellors has an in-house Legal Department, comprising of professional Lawyers, Training Associates, Paralegals and Administration staff, all well versed with the due process and procedural context related to the National Credit Act, specifically Act 34 of 2005 which came into full effect on the 1st of June 2007 as well as the Regulations set forth by the National Credit Regulator as pertaining to Debt Review and Debt Restructuring.


Our Legal Department serves a number of purposes, chief among them being the drafting of debt review proposals on behalf of all our debt counselling clients. Also in our scope of services is legal counsel, court appearances and representation for either formal court orders or summons issued to our clients either before or after the Debt Counselling Application, we also serve to protect the clients' rights outlined in the National Credit Act.

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Things you might be Curious about:

As with anything else there are always questions, these are a few questions we have been asked a lot and their answers.

Legal Department

If I have been summoned to court by my credit provider, can I still Apply for Debt Counselling?
We can make arrangements so that our Legal Department can assist and represent you with the matter of the Summons, Only after that has been resolved can we then proceed with the Debt Counselling Application
If the Credit Provider repossesses my assets after I've applied for Debt Counselling, how do I resolve that?
The Debt Counselling process is regarded a legal matter in that it is backed by the law, if the credit provider was notified that you are under debt review, you are protected by law. Our legal department will resolve the matter promptly and have your assets returned.
What does it mean when a Creditor is contesting my Debt Counselling Application, do they have a legal right to do so?
Yes, they are well within their right to contest the application for Debt Restructuring, however they are not the deciding party, the magistrate or court official to which the application is handed is the one that decides your status of over-indebtedness or otherwise.
What, if any, are the legal fees for being represented by the Lawyers in issues relating to my Debt Counselling?
The fees we require for the Debt Counselling Process are set and regulated by the National Credit Regulator, and these can be found on the NCR website.



We have legal department to enable us to provide our clients with a seamless, comprehensive and commercially tailored solution to all their financial distresses, while at the same time affording our clients debt relief in record time. It is because we care that we're the Helping Hand...